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If you are thinking about getting a Golden Retriever then I highly recommend you think about the 10 Top Reasons NOT to Get A Golden Retriever! If you understand these, then yes a Golden is for you!
This is a fantastic web-site constructed by the Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee.

The same site also has an excellent set of of Frequently Asked Questions. Please do have a look at these and the answers also.

If you would like an older Golden, there are often dogs available for rehoming. These may be due to changes in circumstances, owners being relocated oversees, or even breeders wanting to place dogs into pet homes. Please do send me an email - or if you prefer the Golden Retriever Clubs in New Zealand have liaison officers who will help match you with the perfect dog. Visit there websites to get the current contact details for the club in your region:

Auckland/ Northern Region (Taupo North):
The Golden Retriever Club http://goldenretriever.org.nz/

Wellington (Taupo South):
The Central Golden Retriever Club http://cgrcnz.org/

South Island:
The Southern Golden Retriever Club
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