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Group: Gundog

Size: large Lifespan: 10-12 years
Exercise: high
Grooming: medium
Trainability: medium
Watchdog ability: high
Protection ability: medium
Area of Origin: Scotland
Date of Origin: 1600’s
Other Names: none
Original Function: bird setting and retrieving
The Gordon Setter was originally developed in Scotland in the 1600's and was later made popular by Duke Alexander the 4th of Gordon in the late 1700's. This breed has an outstanding sense of smell and makes a fine bird dog, pointing when it finds a bird scent and then retrieving the felled bird to hand. The Gordon Setter is not fast compared with other hunting dogs, but he has good stamina and can hunt in adverse weather on both land and water. It is one of the most conscientious and intelligent of the standing breeds. The Gordon Setter is a methodical, dependable hunter, and a fine one-man shooting dog. The beautiful and loyal Gordon Setter has also achieved success as a show dog and home companion. Among the Gordon's good qualities are excellent health and its adaptability to guarding and to family life.  
Obedient and loyal, the Gordon Setter makes a loving companion. The Gordon Setter is distinguished both for its loyalty and obedience. A devoted, polite, gentle and sensible dog, they are pleasant dogs that are excellent with children. Because of its large adult size, it should be well trained and exercised.  
The Gordon needs much strenuous exercise every day in order to stay in shape. It can live outdoors in temperate climates, but it must be able to spend ample time with people and does best dividing its time between inside and outside. Its coat needs regular brushing and combing every two to three days. In addition, some clipping and trimming is needed for optimal good looks.
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