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Drumtreve is an NZKC (New Zealand Kennel Club) registered kennel. We are a member of the 3 Golden Retriever Clubs in NZ, along with several Gundog Clubs. Drumtreve dogs are all fully health checked and certified. Drumtreve strives to have quality dogs with excellent temperaments. Drumtreve follows the principle of "Open Register" meaning we declare any known health issues, and strive to minimize the risk of any. Genetic screening is a tool which adds more knowledge for making well-informed decisions regarding any breeding options, and this is something that here at Drumtreve we are now beginning to test, as the ability to do so becomes available. Potential health issues are manageable through good breeding practices, albeit meaning difficult decisions at times.
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Here at Drumtreve the dogs are raised to fit easily into a relaxed, yet busy and sociable lifestyle.
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Drumtreve dogs are competitively campaigned in breed shows.
Immense thanks to Lindsey Davies (Schiehallion kennels) for her help in caring & showing the Drumtreve dogs.
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And….just occasionally the dogs decide it is OK to entertain themselves, whilst others are hard at work. But mostly they love to be out and about - check this clip!
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Although this website is about the Drumtreve dogs, we have Fergal. Fergal is a burmese cat - a bit of an incorrect color (chocolate blue) he is from Ttobormory cattery in Pirongia. He came to Drumtreve when we went to visit our new kitten …..and we came home with the irresistible Fergal - then the new kitten a few weeks later……Sadly Fergal actually thinks he is a dog. Or at the very least an object of the dogs' attention - yes this is him in one of his favorite sleeping spots…the dogs toy box in the living room. He sleeps there most nights and it is a very strange twist….when Fergal is asleep - there is NO retrieving of toys.
You will see Fergal is very much a part of Drumtreve in the pictures throughout this website. He does earn his keep and respect from the dogs though, regularly bringing home rabbits (almost as big as him) . He kindly shares his spoils with the gang.
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